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EmiTown started back in 2008 when Emi Lenox was trying to work through some personal stress in life. While interning for Top Shelf, she was approached by the Co-Publisher to try and put her work online and what that work became was EmiTown. It was originally a web comic and this collection is a full years worth of strips. Over 400 pages are contained within this collection and features an introduction by Jamie S. Rich. Remarkably, Emitown has drawn critical praise from such independent comic icons such as Jeffrey Brown, Mike Allred, Jeff Lemire and Jeff Parker.

Autobiographical work like this is starting to become a bit more common in comics. Obviously, the biggest names that comes to my mind in work like this are creators like the late Harvey Pekar and his acclaimed series, "American Splendor" and James Kochalka and his series, "American Elf". And with the exception of those two listed, I tend not to like a lot of these type of stories. I really don't feel that sometimes, the very normal lives of others lends well to the artistic page. Most of the work I've read like this comes off so very insincere and even a bit arrogant.

EmiTown was something I felt was more down to earth. For those of us not in comics, you can see a real-life resemblence to the situations pictured inside. At first, I wasn't crazy about the art, but over the time of this comic diary of sorts, Emi's art really starts to come into its own the farther you get and because of that, I'm not going to consider that much of a negative. The author even took the time to dish out a soundtrack of sorts for each of the months that the book takes place in.

However to me, it's not perfect work, as I maybe wish some of the lettering was cleaner to the page and maybe a bit more of a mix in the color tone of the book. I really didn't like the bigger, blocky font that was used in the book in some spots. But, these are very little things and I always feel that little things like these aren't much of a factor when it comes down to the overall enjoyment of a book.

This is the perfect material for the indie comic fan. If capes and heroes are what really float your boat, then this is most likely not for you. But if your comic experiences are a bit more realistic and reach you on a more personal level, I can't recommend Emitown more. Work like this is seldomly done right and by reading this, you can see that Emi really put a lot into each day's worth of story. I really enjoy the personal level of this work and the quality shows from beginning to end.

This collection compiles the days of Emi Lenox from May of 2009 to April of 2010. You can see more of EmiTown at http://www.emitown.com/ and the first collection comes out in November from Image Comics.

Avengers 4 review.

Damn, it's great to be back to work on comic book stuff and to be doing it at Comic Related. Here's Avengers 4.

Avengers 4


     Summer has been pretty crazy. So crazy that I have not updated 2 blogs that I work on and I put off doing any work for Comic Related. Now, summer is about over.

Avengers 1


Flash 2

And the hits just keep rolling. Another review up at Comic Related, this time it's Flash #2.



Shuddertown 1 review.

Here's a review of Shuddertown, from Image Comics.

Crossed: Family Values

     I haven't had reviews up in some time. I wrote this one a while back. Here's my review of Crossed: Family Values 1.

This is what I know:

1. I'm laid off again for the 3rd time in about a year.
2. It's hard to buy comics and games when you are laid off.
3. I've more time now for my SLCFF work.
4. Movies that I want to see play at SLCFF don't respond to me.
5. I really need to do this blog more.


Comic Book Movie Trailers

Three movies are on their way in the next month or so that are based on a comic property. Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim and The Losers.

It's really crazy how many of these movies come out. You used to get one at a time, a Spider-Man or a Batman. All three movies look good. I think Scott Pilgrim could be the best of them all.

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